What is Bullet Journaling?


Here at MedLit we love writing, but sometimes it can be a daunting task. What do you write? Where do you start? Do you have to introduce yourself? (answer: up to you)

Bullet journaling is an interesting trend that aims to address these hurdles- it is a short, prompted writing activity where you answer specific questions. It helps get rid of the writer’s block, and cuts down on the time comittment required for writing. It is often used as a goal planning activity (like in the example above), but can also be used as an exercise in self-reflection – which I personally find much more relaxing, but it is entirely up to you!

Recently, we held a lunch time journaling session with the following prompts. We included them here so our lovely readers can participate – so go ahead and sit yourself down with some tea, light a candle, and indulge in some self-care

  • What do you most often recommend to other people?
  • What three things would majorly change your life?
  • What are your current priorities?


  • Write down three good things about today
  • What are some things you currently want? Why do you want them?
  • How do you relax after a long day?


  • What makes you feel fulfilled in your daily life?
  • Write a few qualities you admire in your best friends
  • What do you appreciate about your parents?


  • Write down your goals for this weekend
  • What is a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn?
  • What are some qualities you “wish” you had, but don’t? Do you want to work towards these qualities, or should you let them go?


  • What thoughts are you carrying around in your brain right now that you could let go?
  • If you weren’t in medicine, what would you do? Are there ways to incorporate elements of these dreams into your current life?

Hope you guys enjoy!


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