1st Year – That’s a Wrap!

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Last week during my observerships, I couldn’t help but introduce myself as a first year… even though technically that label no longer applies. But I can’t quite call myself a second year yet. That feels too strange, too surreal. I’d like to hold on to the safety and blissful ignorance of my first-year status as long as I can. But the reality is slowly sinking in that first year is over – and it has flown by…

MedLit has had an exciting year! We’ve had a table-read, film screening, we’ve listened to cool podcasts, read graphic novels and so forth!

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to most recently:

  • Collaboration with the Queen’s Psychiatry Interest Group
    • We discussed cartoonist Ellen Forney’s graphic memoir, “Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me” in which she shares her experience with her bipolar disorder. Her memoir explores her fears that medications would stifle her creativity and her journey to find a medication regimen through which she could retain her sense-of-self.
  • Narrative Medicine “Funshop”
    • We were lucky enough to have an incredible workshop on narrative medicine hosted by Dr. Hamer. We learned skills and tools for interpreting and writing medically-inspired texts — all while enjoying some delicious pizza.
  • Aging and Caregiver Fatigue
  • Stories of QMed: MedLit “Keep Me Well”
    • MedLit collaborated with the Wellness and Mental Health Committee to have a casual evening of storytelling at the Grad Club. We had a great turnout, with everyone seated in a circle – with nachos and salsa and drinks. This event became a space for us to talk about vulnerabilities – about the difficult transition to medical school, about self-doubt, about questioning our place in medical school, difficult experiences at observerships and so on. We heard prose, poetry, and readings of old childhood writing excerpts (always so fun to hear!). All in all, this was a space of sharing and listening – a wonderful end to the year.  Journals were given out by the Wellness Committee – and writing prompts and poems – inspired by the narrative medicine workshop – were given to all in attendance to carry the evening onward.

1st year may be over for us, but MedLit most definitely is not! Maggie and I will keep posting on the blog over the summer — and we’re working on some exciting upcoming projects:

  • We are expanding MedLit to Health and Humanities 
    • We want this to be a space exploring the human experience through a diversity of mediums: music, art, literature, drama, history etc… and in the wider and interdisciplinary context of health
  • Academic Enrichment Program
    • We are expanding MedLit to a Health and Humanities certificate. This has been a long-coming project — more details to come!!
  • Humanities Conference in the Spring of 2018
    • We are SUPER excited about this — more details to come so stay tuned!!!

Any ideas/suggestions for events or projects you’d like to see — let Maggie and I know! We’d love to hear from you!! 😊😊

– AA



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